The power comes from combining cargoes

We offer domestic and international freight forwarding for a broad and varied group of customers. This full service includes dealing with import and export documentation, logistics - and if you need it, at your own office! We can also monitor your goods. We offer a 24 hour delivery service within a radius of 400 km. Everything from 1 pallet to a full load, we provide whatever you need!


IFO guarantees fast service and distribution while using state of the art computer systems. We have direct online connections to several large clients and carriers. By linking to your ICT systems we can offer safe and fast communications. Our IT professionals guarantee the excellent support you need.

With more than 40 years experience in specialized markets such as the paper industry, we have traditionally been strong in land transportation. We have created competitive purchasing conditions with our transporters by combining loads. Which will give you favourable conditions and prices! Our specialty is transporting commercial goods on pallets throughout Europe.

We also have an extensive network with the right contacts when it comes to sea freight shipments . We can arrange your entire FCL and LCL transportation. If necessary loaded from your address and/or delivered to a specific destination. Depending on the project, we can also provide pre-and post-transport, we handle the duties and port charges, we take care of the handling in Rotterdam and of course the letters of credit and export documents.